At Hosteria Espiritu Santo Chef Manual Subercaseaux, whose restarurant, Apollo '77, won the acclaim of restaurant critics and the loyalty of patrons, brings back to Valparaiso his cuisine praised for its delicacy and remarkable originality.

Inspired by the fresh seafood, the seasonal produce and the fine wines available in Coastal Chile, our chef gracefully balances the sweet with the savory in these local ingredients to deliver the element of surprise essential to a truly wonderful dining experience.

Chef Subercaseaux' partner in this new venture is his mother, Laura Moreno, whose own career in the hospitality industry ranges from restaurant management to event planning for educational institutions and government agencies. At Hosteria Espiritu Santo, mother and son join forces to delight diners with a simple, refined cuisine in which it is possible to taste the love put into every detail.

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Each of the Hosteria Espiritu Santo's five guest rooms have been renovated without altering the traditional architectural character of the neighborhood.

Each room is centrally heated and boasts fully equipped, modern, en suite bathrooms. Three rooms are furnished with Queen beds; one with a full bed; and another with two single beds which can be attached or separated as desired.

A delicious and varied breakfast prepared with the region's best natural ingredients is served every morning from 8h30 to 10h30.

Single occupancy rate*

All rooms 35.000 CHP
Double occupancy rates*

  • Room n°1 $70.000
  • Room n°2 $70.000
  • Room n°3 $70.000
  • Room n°4 $70.000

*Rates include room service and breakfast.



The Hosteria Espiritu Santo, in Cerro Bellavista near the Casa Museo of Pablo Neruda, is a unique experience which combines good rest and the pleasures of good table.

A new concept that integrates a small hotel with five rooms, together with a custom restaurant with large windows to the neighborhood and its surroundings. The restaurant has a table capacity for forty people together with a fun bar table where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner.

The architecture is designed around a comfortable interior patio which integrates the lodge and its guests.

If you spend the night in Hosteria Espiritu Santo, a delicious breakfast awaits you in the morning.

If you dine here, we propose local products and recipes of the world, tasty dishes, with all natural flavors, and assembled with dedication and warmth.

Come explore the city of Valparaiso with us in a comfortable environment just steps from downtown.

Hosteria Espiritu Santo look forward to providing you with meals and lodging.


Send us a message , we will be happy to resolve their respects concerns of our services.